man like i

Man Like I (Digital Download)


Natty’s debut album and the introduction to his unique sounds. The record is peppered with references to folk, reggae and Afro beats and is still a go to record for music lovers globally.

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  1. July
  2. Cold Town
  3. Stoned On You
  4. She Loves Me
  5. Revolution
  6. Badman
  7. Burn Down This Place
  8. Hey Man
  9. Bedroom Eyes
  10. Last Night
  11. Coloured Souls
  12. Say Bye Bye

THANK YOU First the creator, closely second-mum… dont tell u enough i love u, Tim, Dad, Stacey, Alba, Lesotho family, Edyta, My grandparents(r.i.p), to everyone who helped raise me, to Uncle Tsidi and all those that taught me about being true to myself. Big up those who doubted me, those that introduced me to fear, those i followed down “the wrong path” and all the teachers that kicked me out of class… thank u, u made me real strong. This Album is dedicated to the memory of Yaya Koroma. Rest in Peace blud.


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